Monday, April 9, 2012

April 8, Week in Review

Buz was off on spring break this week and we had plans to get a lot done in the week to prepare for Maddie coming.  We cleaned out the toy room once again, we had cleaned it out this past summer but toys seem to multiply over Christmas and birthday's so it was on the priority list.  I started to clean our laundry room/back enclosed patio area, this is where everything that doesn't have a home goes (goodwill items, broken toys that need to be thrown out but there isn't enough room in the garbage can, anything that needs to go to the un-organized basement, etc. I am sure you get the picture).  I was able to clean the laundry half and wash the windows but I am still working on the other half.  Buz and our friend Chad thatched and aerated our lawn.  Buz replaced the door to our girl's room and we made Josie's crib into a daybed.  Buz and the girls planted seedlings.  I was able to complete the top of a t-shirt quilt and make a car seat cover.  As a family we were able to go to Riverfront Park with the cousins and have a ton of fun.  Ellie also took a week of swim lessons.  We enjoyed Easter with the cousins and Nana Kook celebrating that Jesus had risen!

I hope you all enjoyed a great Easter weekend also!

Enjoying a run at Riverfront Park

Airplane ride at Riverfront Park

Aunt Nelly and Josie on the carousel
Ellie, Seth and Josie looking at the river

Ellie and Seth checking out what's in the tree

Josie enjoying running at Riverfront

Toy Extravaganza

Ellie at swim lessons

Josie and Daddy planting seedlings

Ellie and Daddy planting seedlings

Josie chilling at Riverfront

Aunt Nelly and the cousins going on a ride

Seth on the airplane ride
Cousin Pyper and Ellie on the airplane ride
Coloring Easter Eggs

Coloring Easter Eggs

Josie being cute while coloring Easter eggs

Easter Dresses

Car Seat Cover I made
Aunt Nelly, Ellie and Pyper

Uncle Ben and Squish with a random child on the Ferris Wheel

Getting ready for the Easter egg hunt in the yard

Daddy helping Josie with the egg hunt

Pyper finding all the eggs hidden up high

Josie playing and Pyper's full basket of eggs

Pyper and Ellie frosting the cross cake.  Ellie grossed out Pyper and was made to get a new spatula before she could finish helping.

My huge prego belly (only 2.5 weeks to go).

Seth and Ellie after decorating the cross cake.

Ellie and Josie reading quietly this morning (my little bookworms)!