Friday, February 17, 2012

February 17, Week in Review

This past weekend started out a little crazy; dinner with friends on Friday, a date on Saturday (thanks to my sister and brother-in-law), cousins spending Saturday night and then our monthly dinner on Sunday night.  The week slowed down and has been a fairly quiet week which was nice since Josie started the week with a little bit of a runny nose and has since shared it with her sister.

Josie's eye teeth still have not broken the skin but her gums are enlarged and you can see two of them are ready to come through. She is repeating more words like apple, banana and other sporadic words here and there.  We moved her from the baby car seat this week to the forward facing big girl car seat.  She seemed pretty excited about that.  Thursday morning I had removed her pants to change a diaper and hadn't put them back on when I noticed that she was able to get both her legs into the leg holes.  She wasn't able to pull them all the way up but I was pretty impressed with her being able to get each leg into a leg hole.

Ellie started out the week begging me to print her some work sheets off of the computer.  After printing her a few she would tell me in an unhappy voice "this is not what I expected".  Luckily her Nana Kook decided to buy her a few pre-k workbooks from Costco.  She hasn't complained since and has loved doing several sheets every day.  She attends Gonzaga's preschool program and their first day back for the spring was on Tuesday.  She loves it and has asked a few times about when she gets to go again.  This past week she has been really clingy with her daddy.  She wants him to carry her everywhere.  I am not sure if she is feeling a little insecure or what the issue is but we have come to realize that her love language is quality time and we are looking for ways to make sure we are giving her the quality time she needs.

After transferring Josie to the big girl car seat I washed the infant car seat and it is now ready to go for Maddie in 10 weeks.  I believe we should be taking her home from the hospital in exactly 10 weeks!  It is crazy how fast this pregnancy is going.  I have a few more things to do and then we will be ready.  I feel much more relaxed this time around.  It could be due to the fact that I still have 10 weeks, this relaxed feeling may go away in the next few weeks but for now I will enjoy it!

I made valentine aprons for the girls while in Montana from this tutorial.  I was told by Ellie that she did not so much like the apron and she only liked the old apron I made her.  In turn the girls only wore the aprons once (for pictures) and that is only because I threatened....  =)

I have 3 t-shirt quilts to work on this spring and I saw a neat one on Facebook the other day that I have been trying to figure out how to make. I have searched for tutorials and have not been able to find anything.  After searching again the other day I found a book called How to Make a Too Cool T-Shirt Quilt and ordered it.  I am excited to look at the book and start working on my next projects!

Pictures of our past week.

Buz made cheese Fondue for our monthly dinner!  Yummy!
Josie in her Valentine apron I made.

Best picture I could get of both the girls together with their aprons on. 

Ellie in her Valentine apron.

Ellie working on her worksheets from Nana Kook.

Ellie's Valentines that are still sitting on my hutch.  =(

Michael, when Ellie opened this she said "They got me the bear I wanted"!  She was so excited!

A Madeline book that Ellie can read to her sister in a couple of weeks.

A new cookbook and a chef's hat from Aunt Molly's family.

Ellie giving  me a thumbs up because her daddy is carrying her.

Josie in her big kid car seat!

Maddie's car seat is all ready for her!
Josie putting on her own pants.

Friday, February 10, 2012

February 9, Week in Review

Our week has been full of great stuff; Ellie's 4th Birthday Party, cousins spending the night, trips to the park and school play yards, MOPS, tumbling class, small group, hosting a neighborhood dinner, and a Doctor's appointment.

Josie has four eye teeth that seem to be taking forever to come in.  There has been a lot of stopping whatever I am doing so that I can cuddle with her and then she is good for short time.  She has also started this new thing in the last couple of weeks when I am in the kitchen she will get between me and the cupboards and push against me while pushing against the cupboards so that I will stop and pick her up.  She is a very strong little girl and pushes with all her might.  She also is getting a "bit" frustrated when she wants something and you don't happen to understand what it is, there is lots of head shaking and she says the word NO very clearly.  This week we had some friends over for a play date they have a 4.5 month old that she loved.  She was very soft with her and wanted to hold her.  She looked so small while holding her!  It was encouraging seeing her be so gentle. 

Ellie wanted a princess party and the day prior to her party I was wanting to clarify what was important to her about her birthday.  I found out that her interpretation of a princess party was getting married to her cousin squishy at the party.  I suppose I should have clarified this prior to the day before the party.  I had to explain that would not be happening but we could play some games.  There were lots of tears and drama at this point so I decided it was a great time for a nap!  Once she woke up we were able to discuss the party in a much more mature way and plan accordingly!  She had a lot of fun at the party even without getting married!  Ellie also enjoyed having her cousins stay over this week, has loved playing outside in this great February weather, had a blast wearing her new ballet outfit and going to gymnastics, and has loved crafting!

I had an OB visit this week and the doctor let us schedule our c-section.  We are scheduled in the OR on April 25th (l0 weeks and 5 days from this post).  We now have appointments every two weeks and we will have an ultrasound at our next appointment.  We love getting the opportunity to "see" Maddie before she is actually born!

Enjoy pictures of our week!

Rapunzel's Braided Hair

Everyone got to make crowns with jewels.

Instead of pin the tail on the donkey we played hit Flynn with a pan!

Gymnastics at the YMCA.

Friday, February 3, 2012

February 3, Week in review

It's been a busy week!  We traveled back from Montana on Monday and have had something every night since our return and will continue at this pace for then next several days.  All fun stuff just a little busier then normal.

Josie  has all 4 eye teeth coming in and has been a bit clingy this week.  She is always our cuddler so sometimes it's hard to tell if she just wants to be cuddled or if her teeth are bothering her.  As you can see from the pictures below she is also our little dare devil.  This started right after she began to walk.  She would pull  out the chairs to the table and climb up onto the table.  You would find her everywhere!

Ellie is loving the fact that she is 4 and gets to tell everybody that she will be 5 soon like "Squishy" (her cousin)!  She has started to read more words from our 100 easy lessons book and loves to write the letters of the alphabet in random order and then asks what words she has spelled.  She also loves "helping" her sister out.  Her sister isn't so much a fan of all the "help".

I am 27 weeks pregnant as of Wednesday.  Buz was able to feel Maddie moving around for the first time this week.  She is moving more and more every day and it is a blessing to feel her squirming around!

I should put a disclaimer on the pictures below.  I normally do not let my children jump on or off of my couches.  It was rainy outside and we were suppose to go to the park and it was a little hard to be stuck inside all day when your mom promised to take you to the park.  The kids started with the big pile of pillows (which is very normal at our house) and then it progressed into jumping off the couch and my pregnancy brain only registered the fact that my children were giggling and having a ton of fun.

Josie standing up on her swing!  She is a bit too fearless!
Ellie crafting!