Friday, July 6, 2012

Book Review: How to Make a Too Cool T-shirt Quilt

I found this book online one day and fell in love with this type of t-shirt quilt.  It's not your standard 12 t-shirts all lined up nicely in a quilt.  I love the variety and the number of t-shirts that you can incorporate in the quilt.  I was pleasantly pleased with they way Andrea T. Funk explains the entire process of making a t-shirt quilt.  She does a wonderful job describing in detail each step from picking out the t-shirts or non standard shirts all the way to different quilting options.  I believe even someone new to sewing could put this quilt together after reading this book.  Andrea also has a set of rulers that I highly recommend buying with the book.  The rulers are cut from plexiglass with a laser and they have a nice smooth lip on them.  I had decided to be frugal and have a big hardware store cut my rulers for me with the measurements that Andrea gives in the book.  The plexiglass cuts were very jagged and would have ruined my rotary cutter blade within seconds of attempting to cut.  To save yourself time and money I highly recommend you purchase the rulers with the book.  You can purchase her book and rulers on her website.

*Special Note: I did use interfacing on my t-shirts because I wanted to quilt it on my home machine.  

Rulers prior to taking the paper off of them and the book

T-shirts piled up and ready to be cut

T-shirts all cut out

T-shirts laid out prior to sewing together

Sewn t-shirts

Backing, batting and top laid out

Everything pinned together and ready to quilt

Finished Quilt

Thursday, July 5, 2012

4th of July

  I have always wanted to make the girls 4th of July outfits and have never gotten around to it.  This year I decided to quickly whip up some skirts.  The girls put on their swimming suits and then the skirts over top and we drove by WallyWorld to pick up shirts on our way out to our friends.  As soon as we made it to our friends I promptly took a few photos of them and then they whipped off the outfits to go swimming.  They were in the outfits for a total of 30 minutes (most of that was in the car).  They looked cute for the 30 minutes that they wore the skirts but I think it was an epic waste of 2 hours of my morning.  They will most likely never have homemade 4th of July outfits again.  =)

Bad idea to take a photo with them looking into the sun....  =)