Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Framed Felt Board Tutorial

I recently saw a felt Christmas tree on  pinterest that I was inspired to make for my girls but I knew that I needed a felt board before I made the felt Christmas tree.  It didn't take me very long to do this project at all.


Thin piece of wood that can be inserted into your frame
Spray Paint (if you wish to paint the frame)
Upholstery Nail Gun
Spray Adhesive: I purchased this at Lowe's

1.  Spray Paint your frame

2.  Spray your insert with the spray adhesive.  You will need really good coverage on this, especially around the edges.

 3.  Lay down your felt onto the insert and make sure your felt is straight with no bubbles.

4.  After your felt has dried onto the insert cut the extra felt away.

5.  Insert your felt board into your frame and staple it down so that the insert stays in place.

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