Thursday, March 29, 2012

March 30th, Month in Review

Life has been a little crazy around here!  Our computer screen went belly up last month and it took a while to figure out what we were going to do.  We were blessed with a "new to us" computer that works well for us and now we are back in the age of technology!

Josie is talking a whole lot more lately!  I love hearing her try new words.  Our neighbor boy's name is Bohdi and she calls him Bobo.  If she sees him out the window she gets very excited and will just keep repeating Bobo, Bobo.  She also has learned from her sister how to cross her arms and give the stink eye.  She loves babies but must be reminded to be soft.

Ellie is growing up quickly and loves to do school work, read books, craft and has started to play with her sister more.  She loves playing with her cousins and talks about them constantly.  She looks up to her cousin Pyper and emulates everything she sees Pyper do or say.  She also loves playdates with friends, going to the library and Mobius.

Maddie is just under 4 weeks from making her grand appearance!  We will finish getting ready for her this next week while Buz is on spring break.  We are already madly in love with her and can't wait to see who she looks like and what kind of baby she will be!

I am still feeling good, getting a little less sleep but really nothing in comparison with the lack of sleep I had when I was pregnant with Josie.  I still have energy (not as much as pre/post pregnancy) but enough to get some stuff accomplished!

Buz is amazing.  He has been so helpful with taking the kids and giving me a break and he is an amazing father.  I am looking forward to spending next week with him at home!

One of my favorite day's of the month: Monthly Dinner Party

One of my favorite day's of the month: Monthly Dinner Party

One of my favorite day's of the month: Monthly Dinner Party
One of my favorite day's of the month: Monthly Dinner Party
Elllie learning how to fold napkins and dish cloths.

Horsey back rides.

Josie crossing her arms and giving the stink eye.

Pyper and family after her play.

Pyper's first play!

Links until Maddie comes!

Josie put yogurt on the old laptop while I wasn't look.  =(

Ellie was sick for about a month and this is her and our neighbor boy looking at each other through the windows.

Josie giving Ellie loves.
Why play with toys when you can play with cans of food?

Ellie and I finally got to make snowman during the last snowfall.

Josie happy to be playing outside at the park!
T-shirts for my next quilt.

The t-shirt cut and almost ready to sew!

My MOPS table making necklaces for the MOPS Auction in April.

Some of the necklaces we made.

Ellie's new skirt I made.

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  1. The picture of Ellie folding towels and of her in the skirt are so cute! And I love the Josie stink eye. :)