Friday, December 23, 2011

Christmas Yarn Wreath

I made a wreath a while ago at a MOPS craft night. I really liked it but it had been hanging up for a while and we were in need of a more festive wreath. I searched Pinterest and Etsy and found one that I liked for around $40. I knew that I could not afford to spend that and I knew I could make it so that is what I did. I assumed it would be easy and didn't search for a Yarn Wreath Tutorial which I do regret. Instead of using a smooth wreath I used a Styrofoam one that you couldn't push the yarn around. Live and learn sometimes, right!

This is the book wreath I made at MOPS.
The Yarn Christmas Wreath I just made.

Close up of the wreath.
My daughter was using the old wreath to be a "lion".

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