Friday, December 30, 2011

Unfinished Projects Part 2

Below are some of the items I will be trying to complete before the new year. These projects have been sitting around making me feel guilty for never completing them! I am hoping to relieve some of that guilt before the new year!

I need to add the decal to Buz's bag.
Dress; I started this a few years ago for Ellie and am not confident in completing it so I have pushed it off for too long. 

Double Handed Pot Holder; need to add the binding.

Mitered Corner Cloth Napkins; They are cut/ironed and only need to be top stitched.
Mitered corners on the cloth napkins.

Casserole Carrier; little bit of seam ripping, re-sewing and cut the dowels


  1. Learn the basics of sewing and the technicalities of it. Sewing is not just putting things together with the use of a needle and a machine. It is an art. You have to study every terminology and techniques used in this craft to be able to make different kinds of clothes in the future.

  2. It blesses my heart to see you sewing. I made most everything for both kids. At the time there was no Other Mother, Walmart or Target. I used to buy my fabric at Payless Drug (Rite Aid). Only once did anyone give me hand-me-downs (which to this day I remember who it was, because it blessed me so much). I guess they thought my kids were pretty well dressed and they didn't need the clothes. Keep up the good work!