Thursday, December 22, 2011

Gingerbread House

On Tuesday I took a break from crafting and made a gingerbread house with my family.  This is the first time I had attempted to make my own gingerbread house and needed to find a recipe.  I luckily found this one while searching on Google.  I loved her tutorial and all her pictures.  Here are a few of our pictures from our time making the gingerbread house.

Cutting out the pieces.

After all the pieces were cooled.

Using the cans to prop up the pieces while the frosting dries.
Using the cans to hold up the roof while the frosting dries.

My husband, daughters and our niece and nephews.
After it was all decorated.
Before my daughter took a "few" pieces.
The "after" photo!

 Please note the candy canes extending from the roof. My nephew informed me that  those were guns. Really, what gingerbread house is complete without two gun turrets extending from the roof?

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