Saturday, January 7, 2012

A Husband's Gift

In my stocking this year there was a deck of cards with date night ideas on them.  I was told I could pick one a week.  Today was the day I was to pick my first card and I decided to pick the card below!

Earlier in the morning I had already decided to make a bag I found on Pinterest and had picked out some retro style fabric from my stash. 

I showed Buz how to cut the fabric and then he cut it all out.


Buz sewing.

Buz showing off the reversible purse he made for me.

Buz holding up the purse he made just for me!

The finished bag.

The inside of the bag.

The bottom of the bag.  I love the size of this bag!

You may be wondering what I was doing while my husband was sewing....


  1. Love this!! What a cute post this was and a darling hubby!

  2. Love love love this!!!

  3. That's just adorable - the bag and the date night cards. Bless him xx

  4. That is the sweetest thing ever! What a cute idea! He's a keeper!

  5. Lovin' all the love but wondering where you all are coming from?


  6. That is so cool. I think he might need to give me some sewing lessons.