Friday, January 27, 2012

January 27 Week in review and a look ahead

On Saturday Buz drove the girls and I to Missoula where we met my mother and her friend Shirley.  We ate a great lunch transferred luggage from our van into my mother's vehicle and the girls and I took off for a week at the grandparents house! 

My father mentioned last night how much he loved it when we came for a week because he is able to watch the girls grow during that time. 

Josie said a couple of new words this week; Chase, Seth, Pyper, up, and thank you.  She has said up and thank you before but never consistently.  This week she has been pretty consistent.  She also is our snuggler and one of her favorite people to snuggle with has been her papa.  She has also enjoyed snuggling with her Uncle Bill when they watched the kids while I ran an errand. 

Ellie turned 4 on Monday.  Her father was very heartbroken not to see her on her birthday but her grandparents and uncle, aunt and cousins were very happy he shared her on her special day.  She enjoyed receiving a suitcase with wheels from her grandparents, a new dress from us, crafting supplies and a new Nerf gun from her cousins.  She has enjoyed a week of crafting with her new paper, stickers, glue, and paint.  She has spent every evening with her Nana reading new books on Nana's nook.  She watches a movie almost every afternoon with her papa and she told me today that papa always falls asleep during the movie and she tries to wake him up but he won't wake up. 

I have enjoyed relaxing without having a to-do list of things to accomplish.  I have been able to craft a little bit but nothing to serious.

I did take my sewing machine in to be serviced because I felt like the tension was bad.  The tension was perfectly good but I found out some great info;
  1. Use the recommended foot for the straight stitch (or any other stitch).  The foot holds the fabric properly and guides the fabric.
  2. If you use a different thread in the top and the bobbin it can mess up your tension.
  3. If you really want to get serious about your top stitch there is a top stitch needle and top stitch thread.
This next week is looking like a bit of a full schedule but should be fun.  My goal for the blog is to get a post up about my t-shirt quilts.

Enjoy pictures from our week!

The wind here is ridiculous!
Ellie's Birthday Cake

Jonah, Ellie and Josiah
Nana and the girls "reading" from the nook
Josiah playing with Josie
Josie looking like a big girl on the stairs
The nerf gun.  It could get ugly at our house!  =)


  1. Ellie even looks older in these pictures. I love the picture of Josie and you on the stairs, you both look adorable! And as far as Nerf guns go, Josh and I JUST had a war at our house. I'm thinking game on sometime! =) Hope you all have a great weekend and a safe trip back!

  2. I need to clean out the basement and I bet our house would be a blast to have "war" in, lots of good hiding places!

  3. What, Josie with no clothes on. How unusual! :) Miss you sister, sounds like you enjoyed your time @ home!