Monday, January 2, 2012

The Dress

A few years ago I saw this tutorial about making a men's dress shirt into a girls dress.  I decided to make one for my then 2 year old.  I drew my pattern and cut it out.  It was skin tight on my daughter.  At that point a friend had just started a sewing group and offered to help with projects.  I brought over the directions and she helped me draw them out.  I put the dress together but had not sewn up the sides, sleeves or put in the casings.  I tried making the neck casing but being someone who likes things being exact I had a hard time with the casing and kept putting it off.  I made it into a bigger issue then what it really was in my mind and it has been sitting in my sewing bin for close to 2 years.  At the end of December I decided to finish up some of my projects that had been sitting around.  The dress was in the projects but I again put it off until yesterday when I decided I was going to finish it no matter what.  I re-read the tutorial and told my husband I should have it done in an hour or so.  Well, I didn't know how really frustrating that casing was going to be and the only thing I finished last night after two hours or so was the neck casing.  Today I sewed the sides up and did the casing on the arms which seemed  a whole lot easier today then last night.  I also hemmed the bottom of the dress.  I think it turned out okay for my first one and I wouldn't mind attempting another one!

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