Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Valentine Wreath

I made a yarn Christmas wreath a few weeks ago and now that Christmas is over I needed a new wreath.  I already had my wreath covered in white yarn so I wanted to find something I could easily change out.  I searched etsy and found a cute argyle valentine yarn wreath and decided I could make it.

Yarn wreath
Red Felt
Pink Felt (9x12 sheet should be perfect)
Argyle template (created in Word and re-sized on the printer until it was the right size, printed on cardstock)
Sewing Pins

1.  Trace your template 16 times and cut them out.

 2.  Place on your wreath and pin down.

 3.  Cut a large string of red yarn and pin it to the back side of your wreath.  Start wrapping it around the wreath.  Once you make a full circle start wrapping in the opposite direction.  Once you are done you can straighten it out a little more if you have perfectionist issues!

6.  The Ribbon;
  • cut 2 strips of red felt 4.5" x 1.25" and cut a triangle out of the bottom 
  • cut 1 strip of red felt 3" x .75"
  • cut 1 strip 9" x 1.5"
Pin the 2 strips on the wreath

Take the larger of the two peices of felt and circle it. 

Grab the smaller peice of felt and wrap that around the first piece. 

Pin the bow unto the wreath.


  1. Ooooh! I love it. I'm pinning this on my pinterest right now!

  2. Love the new blog, Jolen! You are amazing with all of your creative endeavors. :) I need to add this to my blog list now. :)

  3. Not only do I love your wreath, but my maiden name is Hollingsworth. I got a new sewing machine and I am following you so I can start some projects. Thanks for sharing, Lori