Thursday, January 19, 2012

Tutorial; Burp Cloth Roll-up for the Breastfeeding Cover

Here is the Burp Cloth Roll-up for the Breastfeeding Cover.  I came up with this idea a few years ago after I ordered a cover on-line (before there were tutorials online for them).  It came with a little purse to put your cover back in after you used it.  I thought it was a cute idea and made one for a friend.  The next time I saw her I asked how she liked the little purse and she said she never used it because it was to hard to fit the cover in each time.  I knew there had to be an easier way to keep the cover tidy while in your diaper bag and decided everyone needs a burp cloth anyway and decided to put the two together.  I used this myself with my last daughter and really liked it and have heard from other mother's I have made them for who also like the idea.  It's an easy project and a nice gift to go along with yesterday's cover.


Fabric(washed, dried, and ironed): 9"x18" and 2 pieces that are 2"x18" or 1 piece that is 2"x36"
Terry Cloth: 9"x18" (I like a very soft terry cloth)
Batting: 9"x18"
Thread: coordinating to your fabric
Cutting Mat
Rotary Cutter
Starch (I like to starch my hem to get a nice crisp straight line)


1.  Cut Fabric
  • Cut 9"x18" of the main fabric, terry cloth and the batting
  • Cut 2"x18" of the main fabric for the straps

 2.  Straps:
  • Iron the fabric in half, open back up and iron both sides so they meet in the crease, fold again and re-iron the first crease.  You should have 4 layers of fabric measuring 1/2" wide
  •  Sew a small seam allowance on the left and right side of the fabric from the top to the bottom.
  • Iron the top down and then down again and sew a seam.

3.  Burp Cloth
  • Put a crease at the halfway point of top of your burp cloth with the print side up. 
  • Pin the straps up so that the straps stay within the burp cloth and you don't end up sewing them in on accident
  • Lay the Straps within the burp cloth with a tail sticking out.

  • Layer your fabrics; print side up with the straps, then the terry cloth down facing the print and the batting on the very top.

  •   Pin well.  I will use a pin put in sideways to remind me to leave an opening.
  • Sew a 1/4" to 1/2" seam around the burp cloth but make sure you leave your opening for turning it inside out.  I usually will back stitch over the straps.

  • Remove pins and cut the corners.
  •  Turn inside right and use a turning tool (skewer in my case) to make nice pointy corners.
  •  Iron well and sew a small seam around the burp cloth.  Remember to pull the thread to the top before sewing the small seam allowance.

  • Make sure you have trimmed all loose threads and you are done!

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