Friday, January 20, 2012

Week in review and a look ahead to next week

I decided a blog post with no pictures = no fun.  So below are some photo's from our week!

Goals for the week of January 15th:
  • Devotions/Prayer daily = Fail
  • Work on a morning routine via FlyLady = Decided to shine my sink instead.  I did an okay job keeping up with it.
  • Make valentine aprons for the girls = Fail
  • Make a breastfeeding cover/burp cloth tutorial = Completed!
  • Figure out a pattern for Micheal's t-shirt quilt = Fail
  • Find pictures of my t-shirt quilts and start writing a post = Fail
  • Add Velcro to the casserole carrier and look at opening an etsy account = Fail
  • Pack to go to Great Falls for a week = Working on it today.
  • Give Cassie her breastfeeding cover = Completed!
Goals for the week of January  22nd:

I am in Great Falls with my parents this week so it changes up my goals a bit

  • Daily Devotions/Prayers
  • Figure out Ellie's birthday party
  • Stay consistent with teaching Ellie 100 Easy Lessons

Veggie Tales: The big fib and jr drawn by my little artist Ellie.
Dirty Sink
Following FlyLadies cleaning directions

My Shiny Sink
The girls favorite hiding place.

I was trying to work on a breastfeeding cover.  Poor Josie was locked out of the room.
Ellie "reading" to Josie.  I love when the girls play together!

Ellie LOVING the snow!
Ellie loved books when she was little and would hand you the book and then back up into your lap.  Josie has just recently started doing the same thing and we love it!

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